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Pirates! 1 pack

Pirates! The Card Game » Pirates! 1 pack

Pirates! 1 pack


Get your hands on one of the first edition Pirates! games!

Box contains: 6 starting sloops, 41 (blue) adventure cards, 39 (red) pirate cards, 1 fame card, 100 crew tokens, 6 battle dice, 4 personal rule cards, 1 treasure score card, 2 rule books.



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Product Description

“The game is tons of fun, easy to grasp, and very worthy of a play through.” – Sleuth of a Seuthe

“Pirates! toes the line well between being a casual game and one which requires some slightly deeper, forward planning, giving an enjoyable experience without becoming too taxing.” – Rob Hall, Games & Tea

“Nice game mechanism and wonderful graphics, I am in” – Ng Chin Fei

“I can not wait to play this game, I have a spot on my game shelf waiting for it. If I could I would fly all the way to Amsterdam to go pick it up so I could get it early. Out of all the kick starter projects I am backing I am looking forward to this one the most!” – Patricio Garcia


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